Saturday Playlist(s) and New on the ‘Nets – a duo (trio) post!


So I haven’t done a “New on the ‘Nets” post in a while, but I did post some recommendations on Thursday already…so, this may be a condensed version. So in order to fill out the post, a Saturday Playlist is in order!! Couple of items that I need to recommend: Daytrotter posted their J. Tillman session from SXSW . Very Nice – go sign up and pick up the 4 tracks! Laundromatinee has their Great Lake Swimmers session posted as well. Hit them up for some of the video […]
Corbin Murdoch And The Nautical Miles – Dessous Les Paves, La Plage
Dan Mangan – Robots
Jane Vain and The Dark Matter – C’mon Baby Say Bang Bang
Jenn Grant – Dreamer
Jim Byrnes – Walk On Boy
Mark Berube – Flowers on the stones
Martha Kronholm – Nowhere
Mitch Elrod & CountrySoulHouse – Way Back Down
Princess Mabel – Apples Burning
T. Nile – Cabin Song
The Great Outdoors – Spring Flower
The Western States – Time To Lose


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