Phallus Dei – Pornocrates

As I promised several people, more Phallus Dei. If you want more info about the band, go here. Phallus Dei put a lot of time & creative effort into writing their songs. The payoff is an immaculate sounding & composed piece of musick. This is one powerful album.

“Monumental.” On Pornocrates the line-up is the same as Cyberflesh.

Phallus Dei is: Oliver St. Lingam – vocals & sequencing; Mk. E – guitar, acoustic guitar, flute, bass, & keyboards; Joris Huijbregts – bass, keyboards, accordion, & sequencing; & Richard van Kruysdijk – drums, percussion, synthesizer, keyboards, guitar, & sequencing. Written, arranged, produced & performed by Phallus Dei.

Best music

Year of Release: 1994
Label: Paragoric PA 06
Genre: Electronic Industrial


Dog (Prologue)
On Aloneness
The Arising (A New Day Version)
Unguided Love
Pornocrates (Bloodlust a Go-Go version)
The Outer Bone
Circles on Circles (Dreams ov Channel Five version)
Never to Believe (My Release version)
Veiled Statues
Dead Birds Floating
Current Lullabye (Epilogue)

Download: Phallus Dei – Pornocrates
Download Size: 109.9MB


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